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update 08!
Bullet points are simple and easy to digest

- I got a first class honours result, thanks to the help of my supervisors who are super.

- I got a PhD scholarship which I'll be starting next semester. I will be studying the impact of climate change on rainforest moths. Study sites will go from NSW up to PNG, I can't wait.

- I'm housesitting again, looking after little bald cats is nice, so is swanning about sipping gin by the pool.

- I have red hair now

- It's really hard to take photos of a cat that will not sit still.


- I'm supposed to be writing journal articles. I should have 3 published soon.

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yay, yay, yay!!

Your red undreaded hair! First class honours! Your red hair! Cats! Pools!

We love you a lot. If you want to come and see us before we leave, we're leaving Sunday. For a long time!

I miss you heaps. *hugs* As far as Indigo is concerned you are *still* one of her big sisters. :D

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