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so... I'm in Borneo right.
I don't really know where to begin. I have been at Danum Valley for 11 days now and a lot has happened.

I'm working on moths, collecting and identifying, walking in the forest by day and spotlighting by night, driving to distant sites over perilous collapsing roads, dodging logging trucks, spotting orang-utans, eating rice and partying with the locals.

this is the view from my lab

here are some elephants - Bornean pigmy elephants

This lovely fellow was on my umbrella, which I was about to put above my head.

Antheraea jana

The Segama River

So here's my list-o-vertebrates so far:
Pig-Tailed Macque
Malay Civet
Asian Elephant
Western Tarsier
Bearded Pig
Prevost's Squirrel
Orangu Tan
Red Muntjac
Maroon Langur
Sambar Deer

Buffy Fish-Owl
Rhinoceros Hornbill
White Fronted Falconet
Grey-breasted Spiderhunter
Asian Paradise Flycatcher

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hurrah for Stuff! so glad you're having an awesome adventure- I can't begin to imagine it.

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